What is a chiropractic adjustment?2022-05-17T20:36:09-05:00

Gentle pressure applied to a restricted joint to restore joint function and remove nerve interference by utilizing corrective force known as the chiropractic adjustment.

Will treatments hurt?2022-05-17T20:36:31-05:00

Rarely do treatments cause pain, the doctor will work to provide a gentle and relaxing experience for the patient.

What is massage therapy? Use massage instead of muscle work2022-05-17T20:36:56-05:00

A massage involves our licensed massage therapist performing different pressure to an affected muscle to help with healing of the tissue.

When should I consider chiropractic care?2022-05-17T20:37:26-05:00

Chiropractic care can help your body function better on a day to day basis, even if you aren’t experiencing any back or neck pain. Preventative health care routines call for chiropractic appointments on a consistent basis based off your needs.

How long until I feel better?2022-05-17T20:37:55-05:00

Every patient is different and care will be dependent on their goals and conditions, healing rates vary from person to person.

Is age a factor?2022-05-17T20:38:08-05:00